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if it is things they wanted to do. the last election preferred that the american people preferred obama's policy and preferred him to them. now he will be a version -- slightly more conservative, i don't get it. >> let's listen to what rush limbaugh said about the new marketing plan. >> it seems like every day a new republican goes to the microphones to offer an opinion about what they need to do, in order to reverse their fortunes. and i think it is time they stopped telling everybody what they need to do and just do it. you never tell people what the marketing plan is, because then you give people a chance to resist it. >> richard wolff, i am too pure of soul, as you know, to analyze a marketing plan, because a marketing plan is a cynical thing. and so richard, i turn to you. >> thank you so much, i'll take it in the spirit in which it was meant. >> to interpret for us the new republican marketing plan. >> so i like rush, lamenting people going to the microphones, like the big golden thing in front of his face, you know, whose party is it anyway? there is at the heart of the philosopher, rush
missing no opportunity to sort of try to turn the heat up on obama and american domestic politics. he believed obama was going to lose reelection. they were telling him the right was being told over here. he say no termer. he can never get reelected and soon you will have a president that is your kind of president. someone who said what you want, you will get. the message he was getting. chuck schumer called him at the height of the campaign and said obama is going to win and the u.s. starts to adjust for that. between him winning a race that netanyahu never thought he was going to win and missing no opportunity and netanyahu himself ending up in sort of a messy situation, i think that's interesting and it's an interesting context to the visit. >> mitt romney promised he would make israel his first. >> his first. i want to quickly mention and talk about the hagel confirmation hearings, i'm interested to watch, he will make it through the committee and get confirmed, but how many republicans are going to vote for him? right now only two of 45 are on the record saying they are yes votes
was leaked today that explains the obama administration justification for taking out american citizens could pose a terror threat. is that constitutional? details up next. >>> greg has a horse he's going to tell us about later. first we have to ask, is it ever okay for the u.s. government to kill its own citizens? what if they were al-qaeda terrorists. there a justice department memo that reveals the obama administration legal justification for targeting american suspects overseas with drone strikes. eric holder defended this controversy today. >> we have, as a basis for action we take, congressional statute that allows us to operate against al-qaeda and associated entities not only in pakistan or afghanistan but that we only take thesed. kinds of actions when there's an imminent threat, when capture is not feasible and we're confident we're doing so in a way consistent with federal and international law. >> drone attacks not new. we've known the obama administration uses them but the legal justification was revealed and be a big topic at brennan's hearing thursday before the senate about th
press corps pushed obama on the issue. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent for the idea that someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and therefore could be targeted accordingly. >> so far there is one known case of an american being targeted with a drone strike. >> america cannot and will not win. >> anwar al awlaki was killed at an air base in 2011. anne-marie, there's apparently a growing number of these bases operated by the cia and the military. >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. >>> well, coming up on the morning news, division in the ranks as the boy scouts consider lifting a ban on gays. some members struggle over the change in policy. this is the "cbs morning news." >> announcer: "moneywatch" sponsored by vagisil. count on it. [ male announcer ] here's a fun fact: this single scoop of gain gives more freshness than a whole box of this other stuff... and that much freshness is gonna take some getting used
. as he moves in, president obama is moving a special member of his team the one responsible for this message -- >> the will and the determination of the american people change this country. >> president obamas's speech writer is stepping down. he collaborated with the press and on the state of the union address, including the one set to be delivered next week. people all around the west during -- west wing praised him. the d.c. taxicab commission is paving the way for installing cash free payments system and the cars. the commission held a meeting this morning to lay down rules for how the credit card reader should be installed in its fleet. members will talk about rules for sedan services. the boy scouts of america has delayed its vote on whether to allow openly gay members in. it has been raising controversial on both sides. it will set for several months. >> the more than 2 million members of the boy scouts of america will now have to wait months to find out if the executive board will overturn its ban on gays got members and leaders. the organization delayed the decision
salazar, an official of the r.e.i. sporting chain will be named. americans approve how president obama is handling immigration issues. the new washington post/abc news poll shows 49 percent believe he is on the right track. 43 percent disapprove. >> in the bay area, san francisco mayor lee is expected to announce his choice to fill the assessors post vacated by a newly elected council member. the mayor could be facing pressure to name another woman or asian to replace chu on the board. >> tone the concorde planning commission is meeting to talk of a ban on outdoor growth of medical marijuana. the contra costa times reports that the city attorney will ask the commission to recommend a ban, limiting the marijuana growing to inside homes. one resident is promising to challenge the resolution with a legal backyard grow. they already ban medical marijuana dispensaries. >> beyonce's super bowl half time hit is not winning over everyone. hard to believe. ahead the new criticism now facing the superstar. >> coming up first after a year of plunging values zinga is looking up. >> a live look out
to target american citizens, this is not sit ising well with law makers on either side of the aisle. yesterday a group of 11 senators sent a letter to president obama demanding answers and they explain that congress and the american people need to have a "full understanding" of aah the ekimov ittive branch interprets the limits and boundaries of this authority that congress and the public can decide whether it is subject to aprep patriot limit tax increases and safeguards. as the fallout leaked as it mounted earlier today the administration immediately went into damage control mode earlier attorney general eric holder tried to clarify why these actions might be necessary. watch this. >> one of the things i want to make sure that everybody understands is that our primary concern is to keep the american people safe but to o do so in a way consistent with our laws and consistent with our values. we are are -- we have as a basis for action that we take congressional statute that allows us to operate against al-qaeda and associated entities not only in pakistan or not only in afghanistan
the obama administration is a allowing the targeting of american citizens to die. killing them without allowing them any legal recourse, no safeguards in place and the killings themselves are based on limits that one aclu official likely called elastic, vaguely defined and easily manipulated and d in the pro process killing many other nontargetted human beings in one case innocent children. i have to ask are the democrats going to rake obama over the coals like they did george w. bush? what about the news media? are we going to start seeing outrage from the networks? that is doubtful. there will be silence from the lap dogs in the obama mania media. in terms of the sher depth and breadth of hypocrisy and this story this is about the hardest story to beat. joining me with reaction from the american center for law and justice, jay seculw and dennis kucinich. welcome back to hannity. and dennis is now part of the family. let me get this straight. so eit enhanced interrogation is torture, it is unconstitutional and contrary to our ideas. it is not who we are but killing people is? killing
. but there is concern among some on capitol hill that the policy removes the right of american terror suspects to a trial by jury. and on tuesday the white house press corps pushed obama officials on the issue. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial whatsoever, without any evidence. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedence for the idea that someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and therefore could be targeted accordingly. >> reporter: so far there is one known case of an american being targeted with a drone strike. >> america cannot and will not win. >> reporter: an ware al-awaki was killed at a base in yemen. >> congress interested the memo in order to get a better understanding of the government's drone policies. congressional members will get their own chance to question administration officials tomorrow when john brennan heads to capitol hill for his confirmation hearing to become the next head of the c.i.a. he is considered the architect of the drone strike program. >>>
. among the strikes launched from the base was the one that killed an american born al qaeda leader for years ago. the obama administration has approved the killing of u.s. citizens if they are known to pose an imminent threat to the country. >> lithium ion batteries are not necessarily safe for use on airplanes -- not necessarily unsafe but safeguards need to be in place. the board is looking into the possibility that battery should have to meet tougher testing standards. x a sunny and windy day to day. >> a nice surprise for an elementary schoolteacher in southwest washington today. a show of appreciation. miss simms is a third grade teacher and she had no idea she was going to be honored. she received this year's education award. she gets a $25,000 cash prize. >> my third grade students bring a smile to my face every day. >> if you are wondering what she will do with the money she is getting, she says she will pay all some bills and possibly purchase a harley-davidson. that will make her even more popular with her students. >> boston is under a blizzard watch right now. new engla
scoop and interview with the stars. and why does president obama think it is okay to kill americans ? what does he care? it is not like they are his fellow country men. and babies wearing perfume? the story so bad it stinks. greg? >> happy anniversary, greg? >> anniversary? >> you forgot, didn't you? >> what anniversary. >> what is the anniversary of? >> well, we met in a bar on 9th avenue about eight years ago. you were watering a tight t-shirt and i was crying in the corner because someone rolled me. >> i didn't know that was you. i didn't realize something happened? >> i appreciate your compassion and i will never forget that moment. >> it was something like that. >> actually it is the "red eye" anniversary. we are six years and one hour old. >> that is so true. i have had enough of talking to you. >> go away. >> let's welcome our guest. >> she is so british she sleeps in a tea kettle. i am here with i'm ma -- immogen lloyd webber. her later book is called "the twitter diaries." and georgia attorney patrick milsaps. and in san francisco he is considered a go cart. it is my repuls
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with protecting students. the award honors americans who have performed deeds of service for their country or fellow citizens. >> democrats in congress are considering putting limits on the president's use of deadly drone strikes. just yesterday, a leaked memo showed president obama's justification for killing americans overseas working with al-qaida. the drone program is expected to be a top issue when the president's choice has meetings tomorrow. the master mind of the drone strikes. one of them killed was a top leader in al-qaida. >>> also on capitol hill, another budget battle between congress and the president. the nation is facing billions of dollars of automatic spending cuts set to take affect next month. hundreds of thousands of jobs are at risk right here in the dc region. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the details. >> reporter: good morning, tony. president obama has not put out a specific proposal yet and one might assume he's going to discuss options when he meets with democrats in annapolis today. even so, the president is urging law makers to come up with some
president obama announced the killing of american-born al qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki. he was the target of a u.s. drone strike in yemen. >> the death of al-awlaki is a major blow to al qaeda's most active operational affiliates. he took the lead in planning and directing effortings to murder innocent americans. >> reporter: u.s. officials say al-awlaki inspired the fort hood shooter in 2009 and the failed bombing of a detroit airliner that christmas among other attempted attacks. three other americans, including al-awlaki's 16-year-old son, have also been killed by u.s. drone strikes in yemen. civil liberties groups have said such attacks deprive u.s. citizens of constitutional due process protection. but white house press s.e.c. jay carney justified those actions today as legal, ethical, and wise. >> the questions around this issue are important and the president takes them seriously. we have significant challenges because of the nature of the attacks, how they're planned, who plans them. but there is no question that senior operational leaders of al qaeda are continually planning to a
. in response, top officials in the obama administration argued their actions are justified and legal. >> primary concern is to keep the american people safe, now do so in a way that's consistent with our laws and our values. >> ifill: attorney general eric holder today defended the justice department's rationale for authorizing the killings of americans overseas. >> we are -- we have as a basis for action that we take a congressional statute that allows us to operate against al qaeda and associated entities not only in pakistan or not only in afghanistan but in other parts of the world. we say that we only take these kinds of actions when there's an imminent threat, when capture is not feasible and when we are confident that we're doing so in a they's consistent with a federal international law. >> ifill: nbc news obtained a 16-page justice department whity paper apparently prepared for congressional committees last summer that describes the obama administration's legal reasoning the document sd a lethal operation is legal if it tarts a senior operational leaderf al qaeda or an affil
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violates the constitutional right of american terror suspects to a trial by jury and on tuesday the white house press corps purkedshed obama on the issue. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent for the idea that someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and therefore could be targeted accordingly. >> anwar al awlaki was killed at an air base in 2011. anne-marie, there's apparently a growing number of these bases operated by the cia and the military. >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. >>> well the white house says president obama will travel to israel this spring. it will be from obama's first trip to israel as president. many israelis believe mr. obama has been less than supportive. he'll also visit the west bank and jordan. >>> now to the budget. the president is proposing another stop gap measure to avert the deep spending cuts due to kick in next month. his proposal to deal with the so-called sequest
. >> bill: the obama administration saying we have full authority to kill american citizens with drones overseas under the same authorization that george bush was given after september 11th. >> here is my preprediction, no party is ever going to give away that power. when you are sitting in the oval office, suddenly the world view is different. what is is said during campaigns, this is now going to be up to the courts, i think at the end of the day, to ask the very hard question. this is where the courts have to step in and say what does due processes mean? i mean i don't want to try to get too philosophical, but war has gone from being soldiers in trenches facing off where you could have a congressional declaration of war because we knew what war was and we knew what congressional enactments were to this sort of, from-the-sky stuff where you push a button and somebody is taken out. >> lie a video game. >> they sit in kansas and move the knobs back and forth and launch drones. somewhere between that the abdication of power betweenof when we are at war and
of birtherisms who claim president obama isn't an american, isn't a christian, who say global warming is a hoax and talk about legitimate rape. these people with the base of the republican party. one is paul broun, he's a republican from georgia who's decided now to run for the u.s. senate from that state. that's a gift many people believe to democrats. his extreme right wing views might give them, the democrats, a real chance to win a seat in a red georgia. joining me now is the genius and cocreator of the daily show lynn winn stead and laura ashburn. i'd like both of you to listen to some of paul broun's greatest hits then i want your reaction. let's listen. >> obama himself has zero experience in private sector. he's never had a private job. he's always worked in the public sector. he thinks government needs to produce everything. government needs to control everything. there's a word for that. socialism. he's a marxist. >> fellow patriots, we have a lot of domestic enemies of the constitution and they're right down the mall in the congress of the united states. and right down independence a
for president obama to moderate. new gallup poll for example says that in january 7' 0% of american hispanics approve of the job barack obama is doing. that number is up from 53% this time last year. and it is the immigration debate that has hispanics cheering on the president. talking points is not a party -- i want solutions. not politics. right now we are not seeing honest debate in america. and that is hurting august of us. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. president obama's biggest critics is senator rand paul from kentucky. >> mr. president, don't you realize as you are piling this debt on the backs of working people that gas prices have doubled, food prices are rising at double digits and 11 million people are out of work? i want you to ask the president this when he comes up here. where the hell were the marines in libya. where the hell were the marines. no marines guarding our ambassador? i'm afraid president obama may have this king complex sort of developing. we are going to make sure that it doesn't happen. >> bill: joining us now from washington is senator paul.
.s. is trying to revive peace talks. the upcoming visit could above the mr. obama's image there. >>> we are now getting a peek bee mind the curtain into the obama administration's justification for targeting and killing american citizens suspected of terrorism. it comes as one of the faces of the drone program prepares for its confirmation to the stop spot in the cia. john brennan is president obama's choice to be the next cia director and will face sufficient questions about the drone program at his confirmation hearings tomorrow. >> let's check in with talker. >> nice, cold start to your day. temperatures falling back for the most part in the upper 20s and low 30s. we are chilly but hoping for a little sun later today with temperatures in the mid-40s. so no travel issues if you are headed to the airport, that kind of thing. let's kick it off bay look at the numbers. a quick reminder, the kids going to the bus stop will want to be prepared for a cold winter morning as we've fallen back into the upper 20s and low 30s no much of the area. 32 in quantity you co. 28 in leonardtown. 32 in baltimore
, why would you want to attack americans? so i think president obama is right in doing what he's doing. everybody calling against it, we'd better think before we start criticizing this president. we have to do what we have to do. president obama is justified in doing what he's doing. some people don't like the president. whatever george bush did, he did to keep us safe. barack obama is doing whatever needs to do to keep us safe. host: you are a democrat. when the bush administration was using similar tactics, did you feel the same at that time? caller: i sure did and i did not criticize president bush, because he did what he needed to do to keep us safe in america. beingbout we in america safe from terrorism. i think that president barack hussein obama is doing a great job keeping america safe, the best pecan with intelligence he is getting. he has to do what he's got to do. if if you are american and you are committing terrorism on this country, you need to be droned out. so he's doing a great job. host: in the washington times, the headline -- here's what the pakistani ambassador sai
and afghanistan. arguably the obama team has done an excellent job of keeping the american people safe. >> sir, it's always great to see you. thank you. >> good to be with you. >>> speaking of the president's cabinet, there are some new details that are emerging. a white house official says president obama will nominate sally jewel as secretary of the interior. she is the chief executive of outdoor company recreational equipment inc., rei. word that the congressional black caucus wants president obama to nominate james clyburn. she says a letter to the white house making the recommendation because he has worked on several transportation issues. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> on
against us? as for oversight of the program 11 senators have sent president obama a letter demanding to see secret memos that go beyond the white paper to detail the legal justifications for killing american citizens overseas without any due process. oregon democratic senator ron wyden who signed the letter told reporters and i quote "the idea that the president has this extraordinary power that can be utilized in secret without any oversight or accountability i think is wrong and detrimental to the public interest." as for whether the memos will be forthcoming, attorney general holder offered this... >> we'll have to look at this and see how -- what it is we want to do with these memos. you have to understand we're talking about things that are -- go into really kind of how we conduct our offensive operations against a clear and present danger to this nation. >> john: that was attorney general eric holder doing his best george w. bush impression and succeeding. for more on the memo and the obama administration's justifications for killing allegedly american terrorists overseas witho
that discrimination was an american value. >> earlier this week, president obama supported the boy scouts ending the national ban on gay members and scout leaders. he said they should have the same access and opportunities as everyone else. >>> a major policy change announcement is expected from the defense department. military officials say the pentagon will extend some benefits to same sex spouses. the defense department is expected to allow same sex partners access to things like housing privileges and recreational activities. the allowances would likely not cover health care benefits. a date for an official announcement on that policy change has not been set. this comes about 16 months after the pentagon lifted its ban on gays in the military. eun? >>> the infamous blackout at this year's super bowl may have surprised you, but not the nfl. the steps the nfl had taken to avoid such a problem. >>> also ahead, why one popular type of beverage may be a bad mix for you when you make a cocktail. >>> a dramatic rescue after a camera catches two teens falling through the ice. >>> 5:06 right now. no
what they initially believed to be animal bones. >>> the obama administration is defending a justice department memo that authorized drone of attacks against americans working with terrorists overseas. the memo says such actions are legal under three conditions. if the suspect is engaged in planning operations to kill americans, if it's not possible to capture the suspect before an attack, and if the operation follows u.s. laws and war principles. >> these strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> critics say such an attack would violate the constitutional rights of an american terror suspect to trial by jury. so far there's only one known case of an american targeted with a drone strive, anwar al- awlaki in yemen back in 2011. >>> east bay, chopper 5 is over the house fire in berkeley we told you about at the top of the news. this is at 1179 keith avenue in the berkeley foothills. as you can see, still engulfed. we have been watching the smoke pour from the second story of this home for the last several minutes. flames ar
to paycheck. and president obama just insisted on raising their taxes. americans know that another tax hike isn't going to help them. what they want is for the spending under control so the economy can grow and they have opportunities again. democrats say we should replace the president's sequester with revenue increases or delay it. republicans say we should replace with responsible reforms that will help put us on a path to balance the budget in 10 years. republicans may not be the majority party here in washington, but the american people would a -- would agree with us on this and we are going to continue to stand with the american people. >> there's also a number of initiatives, immigration that the senate is moving ahead here. do you think it's going to be a problem for democrats to get behind some of these proposals? you have had issues over certain bills passing through your side. are these same types of issues because tough votes will be problems for harry reid and the senate? these are issues that are going to come over here at some point. don't you -- hold up the process if he's h
on capitol hill are concerned the policy violates the constitutional right of american terror suspects to a trial by jury. and on tuesday the white house press corps pushed obama officials on the issue. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial whatsoever, without any evidence. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent for the idea that someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and therefore could be targeted accordingly. >> reporter: so far there is one known case of an american being targeted with a drone strike. >> america cannot and will not win. >> reporter: anwar alwaki was killed at a yemen base in 2011. >> congress requested the justice department memo to get a better understanding of the drone policies. and they'll get to ask even more questions about it tomorrow. that's when john brennan, the nominee to become c.i.a. director has his confirmation hearing. he's considered the architect of the drone program. >>> we're following what's new. at 5:52 several deaths are b
controversy over the obama administration's use of drone missiles. the document concludes the u.s. can order the killing of american citizens abroad if they're believed to be senior operational leaders of al qaeda. now opponents say the policy goes way too far. what do you think? should the government be given wide berth when it comes to national security? or does this policy violate civil liberties? you can tell us what you think on the "nightline" facebook page or tweet us at "nightline."
news reveals the united states government's justification for killing american citizens without due process. tonight, greenwald, lawrence korb, and joan walsh on the obama administration's constitutional drone crisis. >>> and just when you thought republicans were done planning to steal elections, you will not believe the stunt they are about to pull in pennsylvania. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. another day, another relaunch of the republican party. but this time i think the republican house leaders showed exactly who the republicans really have are. >> house majority leader eric cantor will be outlining a new agenda for his party, focusing on issues like education and health care and spend less time talking about the deficit. >> really? oh, yes. eric cantor to the rescue. he is ready to save the republican image and put a stop to the electoral college losses, right? of course, this is not the first time eric cantor has tried to save the party. you see, it actually is the fourth attempt that he has had. in 2009, cantor held a pizza party, remember th
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